How to draw Skull:An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Drawing is a complicated hobby. As you begin you find it hard to draw even the basic shapes. But when you have gained enough experience at drawing different shapes you begin to have confidence. In this vein, Drawing Skull is also takes lot of confidence. A Skull can be useful for your school drawing project or your hobby as drawing artist for face, body and other type of drawings later on. In this you'll learn an easy to follow step by step tutorial to draw a scary skull. Let's get started.

March 22, 2023

Materials Needed:

Before we dive into the steps of drawing a daisy, let's take a moment to gather the materials that we will need. Here's a list of what you will need:

▪ Pencils (preferably a 2B or 3B).

▪ Eraser

▪ Blending tool (optional, but highly recommended)

▪ Sheet of Paper

▪ Ruler (optional, but useful for drawing straight lines)

Step 1 Drawing Basic Shape of Head

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Step 6 Sharpening and Adding colors

Step 6 of 6

Full Drawing Tutorial - Pictorial Form

Step 1 Drawing Basic Shape of Head

To begin our skull drawing step by step tutorial, you need to first draw this shape of head section of the skull and also the area of cheek bones as shown. You can add in some creativity in cheek bones area, but if you don't feel confident, feel free to mimic our drawing as it is. Let's move to the next step.

Step 2 Drawing Jaw of Skull

Moving forward in easy drawing of skull, now draw a small shape connecting the earlier portion of cheekbones section of the skull. Also, add in some detail above the eye section of the skull as shown in the picture in the red.

Step 3 Drawing Teeth and Nose of Skull

IN this step, you need to draw nose marker right at the middle section of the cheekbones area. Then move on and draw lines for teeth of the skull connection with the jaw section, follow closely the lines in red below the nose you just drew. .

Step 4 Drawing Complete Teeth of Skull

As you did in the previous step of this drawing, you now have to complete the drawing of teeth by drawing remaining upper section of teeth in mouth of this skull. Follow the lines in red as you did in the previous step..

Step 5 Drawing Eyes of Skull

In this step of skull drawing. You need to draw big eye sockets. We have drawn big stretched shapes for eyes which give the skull a scary look. You can add in some creativity to these and draw some funny eyes here. Having done that, lets move to the next step..

Step 6 Sharpening and Adding colors

In this final step, the drawing of skull is complete by now. You need to sharpen your drawing in this step and try out some coloring skills on this. So far your drawing is complete..


Drawing a Skull is indeed a challenging task. Because many of us have not tried drawing a skull or human face for once in our lives. But when you start off it is usually difficult task, but as you go along drawing skulls, you learn that drawing faces, skull and body in general is not a difficult task. Use this tutorial as reference, these images and enjoy drawing your favourite pets.

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How to draw Skull
How to draw Skull

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide.