How to draw Cheetah:An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Cheetah is the fastest mammal around the world of animals. As cheetah lovers, many of us want to draw our favorite mammal on paper to show our love for this cute animal. Even if we don't own a Cheetah as pet, we may want to have one later in our lives. So drawing Cheetah and other pets is a common hobby. However, it can be a difficult to draw dog. That’s why we’ve put together an easy step by step guide on how to draw a Cheetah that will help you draw accurately and precisely.

March 15, 2023

Materials Needed:

Before we dive into the steps of drawing a daisy, let's take a moment to gather the materials that we will need. Here's a list of what you will need:

▪ Pencils (preferably a 2B or 3B).

▪ Eraser

▪ Blending tool (optional, but highly recommended)

▪ Sheet of Paper

▪ Ruler (optional, but useful for drawing straight lines)

Step 1 Drawing Basic Circle Shape for Cheetah's Face

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Step 7 Drawing Skin tone and colors

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Full Drawing Tutorial - Pictorial Form

Step 1 Drawing Basic Circle Shape for Cheetah's Face

To begin our cheetah drawing step by step, we start off by drawing a simple circle shape. This tutorial of drawing cartoons uses red colored pencil to draw content to be drawn in each step. So the actions to take in each step will be in Red..

Step 2 Drawing Facial features

In the Second step of drawing cheetah drawing, we now draw more of the mouth, nose and ears of cheetah. You had already drawn a circle in previous step. Now begin drawing this detail of the face, lines in red as shown in the picture..

Step 3 Drawing Arms Shape

In Third step of the Cheetah drawing. Draw the shape of arms/ front legs of the mammal, the shapes in the red are to be drawn in this step. See the picture for more clarity..

Step 4 Drawing Cheetah feet

In the Forth step, having drawn the nose and ears, now draw more of legs and feet. Start off from the leg shapes you drew earlier step, follow closely the shapes as shown in red..

Step 5 Drawing Details of Feet and Tail

In Fifth step of drawing a cheetah, now draw the shape of tail and detail to the feet as shown. Follow the picture shown for help..

Step 6 Drawing Dots on Cheetah skin

In Sixth step of drawing a Cheeta, we now add more details to the entire drawing so far. Draw dots on entire skin of Cheetah, as you know these dots are crucial in drawing of Cheetah, So feel free to add in some creativity in drawing these dots on entire skin..

Step 7 Drawing Skin tone and colors

IN Final Step of drawing Cheeta we add details to skin tone and colors. It is totally upto you to use some creativity in this step. We have shown here an innocent look on Cheetah face..


Drawing a Cheetah seems to be a difficult task. Because many of us have not tried drawing a Cheetah for once in our lives. But when you start off it is usually daunting task, but as you go along drawing stuff, you learn that drawing mammals in general is not a difficult task. Use this tutorial as reference, these images and enjoy drawing your favourite pets.

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How to draw Cheetah
How to draw Cheetah

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide.